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Stock Market

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When we buy equities, we start looking at the price the next day or next week. For many who call themselves investors, the long run is 1 month. But do you think the management of the business of which we buy shares really looks at their business growth in such a short period?  This basic rule states that -


  • You first have to sow a seed.

  • Keep watering it for it to grow

  • Wait for some time with patience.

  • With the passage of time, you will get the fruits of your hard work and patience.


Sitting with your idle stock portfolio ? Get your stock port

Image by Austin Distel

Open your Demat and Trading account with India’s most respected Brand Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited backed by solid research and trusted advisory services

  • Open your Account in just 15 minutes

  • Invest / Trade on mobile / Desktop or through our Advisors

  • Research reports on sectors, companies, Themes and Market Overview

  • Dedicated Equity Advisors for customised services

  • Trade in Equity ( Cash / Derivatives), Commodity, Currency

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Online Trading Platform Financial fitness platform for Investors

  •  Get Single view of your financial health from Comprehensive Portfolio Snapshot

  • Get Quote page with complete information about the company searched by you

  • Feature Rich Mutual Fund page with snapshot of your holdings , ongoing SIP’s and Maturing SIP’s & much more

  • Use ACE (Advise on Combination of Equities) offering you Algo based investment strategy with exclusive basket of growth oriented stocks

  • 24*7 Portfolio Restructure that provides you with right asset allocation as per your identified risk profile

  • Optimised place order page for quick order placement & bulk order functionality to execute multiple orders in one go

  • MO genie the 24 x 7 chat bot for your instant query resolution

MO Trader Power Platform for advanced traders

  • My wallet provides Single view snapshot of your orders, positions and limits

  • Get Quote page with complete information about the company searched by you

  • Market screeners help you spot the trending stocks

  • Algo based products like Trade guide signal, Option Writer, Option Decoder

  • Execute multiple order from single click through bulk order functionality

  • Real time charts with historical data

  • Set and manage alerts on stock through My Alerts feature

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Desktop Application Superfast Trading With Insight, Research, Action & Review Facilities

  • Super-fast trading execution with 1-second rate refresh

  • Advanced charting tools and tick-by-tick action watch

  • Technology enabled Leverage to enable you to get margin* 

  • Solid Research based recommendations ranging from Hours-Days-Weeks-Months-Years Trade guide signal– New generation trend guiding tool to auto-generate buy/sell ideas

  • Access to over 30,000 research reports across all asset classes in a single click

Smart Watch Ab market aapse ghadi ghadi baat karega !

  • Notifications- Get instant notifications on all important market updates

  • Market Update- Get instant info on global indices, market top gainers & losers

  • My Portfolio- Know your portfolio’s net worth across asset classes

  • Position update – Know your mark to market & open positions

  • Available Margins – Check your margin in both cash & commodities segment

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